As an enterprise, we are committed to providing safe and hygienically processed dried foods fit for human consumption. This is done consistently by:

  • Systematic monitoring of work procedures against laid down SOP’S from the point of receipt of incoming materials to dispatch of finished products.
  • Eliminating all possible contaminations- physical, chemical and microbiological at the earliest possible stage.
  • Ensuring that necessary statutory and regularly requirements towards food safety are met.
  • Maintaining high standards of hygiene of plant, machinery and personnel.
  • Creating awareness amongst all employees and stakeholders on food safety system.
  • Strict adherence to food safety systems and their continuous improvement.

Sweet N Dried trains farmers and links them with agronomists to carry out environmental evaluation and ensure best practices are put in place along the value chain from planting to harvesting and storage.
The company also works hand in hand with food scientists to ascertain the quality of raw materials and the final products and in particular, during process such as transportation, the processing of raw materials including in the storage and transportation of finals products.